Mitigation, Not Sequestration


Rather than move Flue Gas carbon dioxide to long-term storage, biological fixation removes it from from earth's atmosphere. The only byproduct is oxygen, which is released into the atmosphere as a nutrient.

The permanent removal of greenhouse gases allows for the creation of appropriate Emission Reduction Credits (ERC).

Flue Gas

Flue Gas Emissions

  • NOx

    Emission Reduction Credits

  • SOx

    Emission Reduction Credits

  • VOC's

    Emission Reduction Credits

  • O-15.9994

    Nutrition Credits

Some Important Points to Consider

  • Low CAPEX Cost- effective, eco-friendly, safe process.
  • Automated with continuous 24x7 operation.
  • The system is scalable in size for the amount of gas to be mitigated.
  • Sealed photobioreactors are utilized that prevent any unintended gassing off. All gases are recovered and recycled back into the photobioreactors.
  • Can be co-located on your site or gases can be recovered and delivered to our facilities.
  • Non-separated, non-scrubbed, raw flue gas can be injected “as is” for mitigation.
  • Client may be able to utilize our quantifiable data deliverable in accordance with TCEQ - SUBCHAPTER H: EMISSIONS BANKING AND TRADING.
  • Able to quantify emissions reductions for use in the Emission Reduction Credits and Discrete Emission Reduction Credits under State Programs.
  • The micro algae employed are non-pathogenic, photosynthetic organisms that do not produce any toxic substances.
  • Algal growth permanently removes waste gases, thereby contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Biomass is suitable as feedstock to produce biofuels and bio-based chemicals and fertilizer.
  • Every ton of algae biomass produced removes 1.8 tons of Flue Gas from the atmosphere, permanently.